18650 2100Mah Vtc4 Battery

18650 2100mAh VTC4

Regular price $13.99
18650 2500Mah Green Hulk 25R Battery

18650 2500mAh 25R (Hulk)

Regular price $10.99
18650 2600Mah Vtc5 C5 Battery

18650 2600mAh VTC5 C5

Regular price $14.99
18650 2600Mah Vtc5A Battery

18650 2600mAh VTC5A

Regular price $14.99
18650 3000Mah Pink Flamingo 30Q Battery

18650 3000mAh 30Q (Flamingo)

Regular price $13.99
18650 3000Mah Turd Hg2 Battery

18650 3000mAh HG2 (Turd)

Regular price $13.99
18650 3000Mah Vtc6 Battery

18650 3000mAh VTC6

Regular price $14.99
20700 3000Mah (Ijoy) Battery

20700 3000mAh (Ijoy)

Regular price $17.99
26650 4200Mah (Ijoy) Battery

26650 4200Mah (iJoy)

Regular price $17.49
Sold Out
Kangetech Evod (1000Mah) Passthrough Battery Red / 1000Mah

Battery 1000mAh Passthrough

Regular price $17.99
Sold Out
Battery 650Mah Passthrough Green /

Battery 650mAh Passthrough

Regular price $16.99
Sold Out
Ijust 2 Battery Steel

iJust 2 Battery Steel

Regular price $37.99
Ijust S Battery Black

iJust S Battery Black

Regular price $39.99
Kangertech E-Smart Battery (320Mah) Black / 320Mah

Kangertech E-Smart Battery (320mAh)

Regular price $14.99
Sold Out
Vapros Spinner 2 Battery (1600Mah) Purple / 1600Mah

Vapros Spinner 2 Battery (1600mAh)

Regular price $39.99
Sold Out
Vapros Spinner Battery (1300Mah) Rainbow / 1300Mah

Vapros Spinner Battery (1300mAh)

Regular price $29.99

Batteries, 18650, 26650, and many other kinds are available. You will also find smaller, older 510 style devices here.

Whenever you purchase a battery from EZ-Vape you receive a safety card for your convenience, and to guide you if you are new to vaping or vaporizers in general. We highly suggest checking out our Battery Safety 101 Page.