House Blends - Cirrus (Salt Nicotine)

Our popular, Custom Regular Nicotine House Blends In The Cirrus Line have received a twist with new delicious recipes for those looking for a Salt Nicotine House Blend.

Classic flavours from the original lineup have received extensive retooling to taste great in slightly higher PG ratios for Salt Nicotine Devices and a few new flavours we are sure many of you will love are making their first appearance!

Please do not sub-ohm these juices, like all Salt Nicotine E-Juices, it is only to be vaped with coils 1.0Ī© or ABOVE (Unless otherwise stated for a device.)

EZ-Vape offers exceptional, premium e-juice and electronic cigarette flavours for your vaping pleasure.

Below is a chart representing our colour coded lid system based on Nicotine Strength:
Our colour code chart for the mg of our Regular Nicotine Cirrus House Blends.

CirrusĀ Regular Nicotine Juices are Available in 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 mg.