Jam Monster

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Blackberry Jam Monster 100Ml / 00Mg Regular Nicotine E-Juice

Blackberry Jam Monster

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Blueberry Jam Monster 100Ml / 00Mg Regular Nicotine E-Juice

Blueberry Jam Monster

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Jam Monster by SS Vape based out of the USA is a true staple of our Premium Menu here at EZ-Vape and we have been proudly serving it for years.

When it comes to Regular Nicotine, Jam Monster is one of the most highly regarded. Nowadays there are many variations of Jam Monster including a Menthol Jam line and a Salt Nicotine line.

Incredibly thick, but incredibly delicious juice is what Jam Monster is all about and they have specialized in Jam & Toast flavours for years — creating the initial wave of hype over such flavours.

Try a bottle today, Strawberry & Blueberry have both been classics since their initial inception years and years ago and the Salt Nicotine Raspberry Jam is delicious but still potent.