Mod Accessories

An assortment of different RDA / RTA / RBA Tools, RBA and RTA Conversion Kits and Accessories. Including CERAMIC Tweezers, Vaporizer Mod Kits, Screwdrivers, Allen Keys and Coil Jigs.

You’ll also find a variety of Cotton, 510 Holders, RBA pre-built coil packs and Ohm Readers.

At all of our EZ-Vape Locations, we have friendly and experienced staff who can explain and demonstrate how these advanced atomizers work that you would use the items below with.

Also, our staff can suggest all the Tools and Wires you might need for tweaking and building your builds!

We highly suggest that you Find your Local EZ-Vape and have an experienced eye assist you to ensure you are VAPING SAFELY and that you fully understand what you are doing, regardless of if you consider yourself an Advanced user or NOT!