Phantom Encore (Salt Nicotine)

Ovation Salts Salt Nicotine E-Juice

Ovation Salts

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Finale Salts Salt Nicotine E-Juice

Finale Salts

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Last Call Salts Salt Nicotine E-Juice

Last Call Salts

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Tribute Salts Salt Nicotine E-Juice

Tribute Salts

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Phantom Encore is our newest Premium line of E-Juice / E-Liquid which is a spiritual successor to the most popular Premium line: Phantom.

There were a few flavours we had in mind to add at some point or another that are more complex than the original lineup and we also wanted to bring the Phantom flavours to Salt Nicotine.

We found that the more complex flavours in our new Phantom Encore were more appropriate for Salt Nicotine and we are happy to say we offer Phantom Encore in both Salt Nicotine and Regular Nicotine options.

We hope our flavour chasers love this new line; we really wanted the flavours to shine and find mixes that were interesting that truly brings Phantom into the modern age with more refined, popular fruit flavours.

Phantom is back for an Encore, and a continuation into 2020:

Last Call – Sweet Grape
Ovation – Pink-Aide
Tribute – Dragonfruit Apple Berry
Finale – Watermelon Raspberry