Breeze 2 Pod 3Ml 0.6 Ohm Cartridge

Breeze 2 Pod 3mL 0.6 Ohm

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Caliburn Pod Cartridge

Caliburn Pod

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J-Pod Refillable Pod 4/pk Cartridge

J-Pod Refillable Pod 4/Pk

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Mi-Pod 2Ml Refillable Pod 2/pk Cartridge

Mi-Pod 2ml Refillable Pod 2/Pk

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Minifit 1.5Ml Refillable Pod 3/pk Cartridge

MiniFit 1.5ml Refillable Pod 3/Pk

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Nord Pod 3Ml Cartridge

Nord Pod 3mL

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Novo 2 Pod (3 Pack) 1.4 Cartridge

Novo 2 Pod (3 Pack)

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Smok Novo Pods Cartridge

Novo Pod 2mL 1.2 Ohm 3/Pk

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Orion Pod (2 Pack) 0.25 Ohm Cartridge

Orion Pod (2 Pack)

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Slm Pod 1.8 Ohm 5/pk Cartridge

SLM Pod 1.8 Ohm 5/Pk

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Spryte Pod 3.5Ml 1.8 Ohm Cartridge

Spryte Pod 3.5mL 1.8 Ohm

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Yearn Pod 1.4 Ohm 4/pk Cartridge

Yearn Pod 1.4 Ohm 4/Pk

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They are proprietary forms of tanks that either is Reusable Cartridges w/ Disposable Coils | OR | Disposable & Replaceable Cartridges entirely that either last one fill or anywhere from 3 – 5 fills depending on juice.