Salt Nicotine Kits

These kits are specifically designed to work with Salt Nicotine and offer some of the best performance for it.

Know that many of these, however, have a Regular Nicotine Juice Coil option. These DO NOT provide the “best” regular nicotine performance as their size is designed for Salt Nicotine — but it can be adequate for some.

These are highly recommended for people who don’t know a lot about vaporizers or those who are requiring high-nicotine concentrations.

They also vape much more similar to that of a cigarette and are designed to be Mouth-To-Lung inhaled like one as well.

If you are looking into getting a vaporizer, one of these cheap but highly effective kits and a quick read of the Vape 101 Guide and or Visiting an EZ-Vape is all you need to start a personal decision to reduce your conventional smoking.