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Patas Pipe 30Ml / 06Mg Regular Nicotine E-Juice

Patas Pipe

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Queen Soko 30Ml / 03Mg Regular Nicotine E-Juice

Queen Soko

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Jungle Secrets 30Ml / 06Mg Regular Nicotine E-Juice

Jungle Secrets

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Papio 30Ml / 03Mg Regular Nicotine E-Juice


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Galago 30Ml / 03Mg Regular Nicotine E-Juice


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Here at EZ-Vape, we are proud to announce that we are offering Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. Products on our Premium Menu!

At the moment we are offering the “Origins” Line. Highly regarded for it’s variety, quality and more importantly; our Site Manager’s Favourite!

A bit about the line directly from Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. :

Introducing 12 Monkeys: Origins! Voted Best International Brand of 2017, 12 Monkeys has carefully designed this line with consumer requests in mind.

12 Monkeys: Origins consists of 5 brand new flavours designed for the Everyday vaper.

This line is catered towards new vapers as well as existing enthusiasts.
Delicate (simple and clean) flavours that are smooth and accurate to their profiles.

With 12 Monkeys: Origins, all flavours feature just a touch of sweetness and a 70/30 VG/PG ratio.

The result is a great tasting product with improved coil life and longevity. Best of all, they can be used with any tank or device and come at an affordable price point!

Whether for new vapers or experienced connoisseurs, 12 Monkeys: Origins will be sure to satisfy all taste buds!