Work With EZ-Vape!

Here at EZ-Vape we believe in positive work environments and informing our customers on the topic of vaping to create more than just another “Vape Shop”. We offer stable Careers here at EZ-Vape.

At the store retail-level, you get to meet fellow vapers and interact with all sorts of individuals in a fantastic, easy-going environment. Alternatively, you might work for us in one of our other departments, we search for potential candidates on a position-to-position basis and what works for that individual.

Working with us at EZ-Vape is a very rewarding, unique and fun experience.

We search for employees with Personality & Likable Temperament above all else; our stores work as teams rather than retail stores. Working and educating people in a vaporizer retail space can be very fun and engaging — vape shops have a sense of community you will find yourself a part of.

We train all employees and welcome employees of all skill levels and backgrounds of all kinds. Our stores and the vape community are for adults and adults only and we believe in open education about vaporizers and thus our environments and temperament are mature and open.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO VAPE TO WORK FOR EZ-Vape! You ONLY need to know about Vapes!