Orion Pod (2 Pack)

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Replacement Pods for the Lost Vape Orion. 3.0 mL Capacity. Fully disposable and specially tailored to work with the special firing system of the Lost Vape Orion.

Fully adjustable airflow.
Available in 0.50Ω Ohm for “Flavour/Salt Nicotine” and one 0.25Ω Ohm for “Cloud/Regular Nicotine.”

The Quality of these are unparalleled at the moment and despite their higher cost also last significantly longer than refillable/disposable pods for other devices do. Lasting quite a few days longer at 2 – 3 weeks being common even for heavy haulers with the appropriate VG/PG juice.

Lost Vape Orion Pods are Only Sold as 2/Pks Online Price Reflects 10% Discount All ready Included.

Note that the Salt Nicotine coil HAULS HARD!

Some users may want to be wary and reduce their Salt Nicotine content as this device is quite powerful even with the Salt Nicotine coil!

This device’ special semi Temperature Controlled Firing System allows their sub-ohm to efficiently vaporize Salt Nicotine with much less gunk than a normal firing system would produce, meaning they are tailored to handle salt nicotine and prevent hot spots and other issues that make other sub-ohm setups incompatible with Salt Nicotine normally!