PAX 3 Complete Kit

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Controls: App/Bluetooth, 4-Power Settings
Internal Battery mAh: 3500mAh
Oven Temperature Range: 360 – 420°F / 182 – 215°C

The Pax 3 is the newest in the Pax family of Herbal Vaporizers. It features fully adjustable, accurate to the degree control and monitoring via the Pax App for Android & IOS, it has Vibration Feedback and a BIG Internal Battery.

It works with Dry Herbs and includes a mess-free Concentrate Lid that functions as a classic “pan” and allows for low-temperature Concentrate use.

Everything about The Pax 3 is of high quality. It has a cooling system for keeping accurate temperatures and various different modes from a Stealth Mode to a self-temperature increasing Efficiency Mode and a Boost Mode, of note is that if The Pax 3 doesn’t detect movement or drawing for 30 seconds it will automatically cut the oven power to half and then when movement is detected intelligently boost the oven to reach temperature in a matter of a few seconds.

This saves wasted material, prevents burned or undesirable tastes and saves battery power.

The Pax 3 has one of the fastest heat-up times getting to 400°F in 20 Seconds. It charges fully in about 90 minutes, the charger is easily transported and magnetic.

The construction is incredibly solid with a 10-Year Warranty provided by Pax themselves. The Pax 3 is also highly modular with various Mouthpieces, a Half-Pack Lid, Full-Pack Lid, and full compatibility with all Pax 2 accessories.

Included are various different extras, from a nicely included cleaning kit that will last you months to a nice carrying case and a very ingenious key-chain mixing/packing tool.

There really isn’t much for us to say more about it, it’s taken the world by storm and deemed “If Apple Invented a Herbal Vape” by many. It is the quickest, most convenient Dry Herbal Vaporizer — and we are proud to be able to now offer it nationwide. It comes with all the bells and whistles, functions terrifically, is durable and has many features that just puts other Vaporizers to shame!

This Complete Herbal Kit Contains:

  1. Pax 3 Device
  2. Pax 3 “Full-Pack Lid” x 1
  3. Pax 3 “Half-Pack Lid” x 1
  4. Pax 3 “Concentrate Lid” x 1
  5. Pax 3 Screens x 2
  6. Pax 3 Flat Mouthpiece x 1
  7. Pax 3 Raised Mouthpiece x 1
  8. Cleaning Kit x 1
  9. Pax 3 Cloth Device Bag x 1
  10. Pax 3 Magnetic Charging Dock x 1
  11. Pax Poker/Packer Keychain Tool x 1