Stig Disposable Mighty Mint 1.2Ml 60Mg 3/pk

Stig Disposable 3/Pk : Stig Disposable Mighty Mint 1.2ml 60mg 3/Pk

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50% VG / 50% PG
Bottle Sizes: 1.2mL
Nicotine: 60mg

Introducing The STIG Salt Nic Disposable Vaping System - the future of Salt Nicotine Vaping.

If you've ever said to yourself: "I love using my salt nic vape kit, but I hate refilling it and replacing my coils. I wish there was something that I could just buy a bunch of at once and when I'm done because this refilling nonsense is a bunch of bologna."

Okay, well, for one, quit talking like a 50's sitcom dad, it's 2020 and we live in the future. That means we have futuristic things like The STIG.
It's a disposable unit prefilled with salt nic juice and when you run out - toss the whole vape out.

No buttons, no coils, no mess, no trouble, no fuss. It's pretty much the easiest vape ever.

They come in packs of three, containing 1.2ml of 60mg salt nicotine e-juice and each device lasts all day
50% VG 50% PG

This particular flavour is known as Mighty Mint - a mighty spearmint base that reinvigorates and energizes. 

Basically, it tastes like your 5th mojito at 2pm on a Sunday.